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In this short tutorial I will be talking through how to add password protection to your WinSCP install. This adds encryption to all of your stored credentials and ensures the utmost security!


Step 1: Access the Preferences by going to Options->Preferences from within the main window.



Step 2: Within┬áPreferences there is a menu on the left hand side called ‘Security’; click on this.



Step 3: Within the security menu click on the tick box which states “Use Master Password”, you will then be asked to create and confirm your master password.


Note: Make sure to choose a at least 6 characters and a mix of letters numbers and symbols for the best security.

Upon clicking ‘OK’ you will receive a confirmation dialogue box.


Your passwords are now protected with AES encryption. You will be asked for the master password upon connecting to a stored session for the first time after program startup.


Hope this helps,

Regards, Greg.