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Workflow and Customer Management

Imagine a solution that keeps all your data together in one place, manages the relationships between you and your customers and automatically takes care of the normal leaving you to deal with the exceptions.  Thats what we call workflow.  Our workflow solutions are tailored to your requirements and continually optimised to make your processes more efficient.

Give yourself space to grow your company by combining data rules and time to create events and actions that automate your business processes.   Create and manage views of data that are relevant to each end user such as customer or partner specific content.

GWorkflow allows you to implement operating standards which your employees, partners and customers follow.  When rules are met, actions can be executed such as sending emails, SMS texts or event facebook and twitter updates.   Complex forms and highly graphical content can be generated on demand, downloaded or sent via email with our PDF content engines.

Sunflower work with you to define the business process and workflow using our swimlane methodology.  We then configure and tailor our core workflow engines to standardise your business process.

By letting the solution take control of the day to day reminders and responses to customer actions you can concentrate on handing the exceptions.

Built using the latest web technologies you can easily extend your solution out to your customers and partners.  We have helped transform many traditional businesses into full service, customer managed web based solutions.

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